But who will take care of us when Daddy's in the hoosegow?

So my husband brought me this form that I have to sign in order to register Eve for hockey. Yes, the man I married has decreed that the child who ranks skating as an activity slightly less enjoyable than bleeding from the eyes, will be playing hockey in the fall.

The first item in a list of parental good conduct rules states "I will not force my child to participate in hockey".


Obviously I thought he was asking me to sign it because he couldn't. But there was his signature, in all its treacherous glory.

There you have it. My spouse, he of the flaming trousers of the Liar Liar variety, has committed fraud on official paperwork.

Is that the pounding of truncheons on the door?


Anonymous said…
Oh dear. I suppose you should start baking files into cakes right away.
So? Did you sign the form alongside him? Do we have 2 criminals to report now?
alison said…
If you signed it too, I am willing to be your prison pen pal.
Bibliomama said…
Hell yeah, I signed it. I won't be the one forcing her to participate. At the worst, I'm some sort of accessory after that fact...
CJ said…
I would hide her hockey stick at night! She may decide to get revenge!!

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