More incoherent musings

So is it more lame that

a) my husband gave me an ergonomic snow scoop for Valentine's                                photo credit

b) I freakin' LOVE it?

I have a faint suspicion that my book addiction may have been transmitted to my son -- something about the way his pupils burst into flame as he grabbed my shirt, lifted me a foot off the floor and snarled "we are going to Chapters to get volume two of Diary of a Wimpy Kid RIGHT NOW!"

I feel fat today. I also feel stupid for worrying about being fat -- it's the gift that keeps on giving. I keep wondering when and where all this stupidity got started. Can you imagine that first cavewoman turning to her husband and saying "Hey Ug, does this tiger skin make my ass look big?"

We walked into First Choice at that golden moment today -- it was empty, and right after my kids' butts hit the haircutting chairs a bunch of people walked in (I did manage not to thumb my nose at them and go nah-nah-nah. I'm all class). After the nice Asian man finished cutting her bangs and flipped them under with the brush, Eve looked in the mirror and said in tones of the greatest disgust, "oh great! I look like my MOTHER again!"

So there you have it. I've turned my son into a drooling book maniac, I'm fat and uninspired and I have bad bangs. But I have a kickass snow shovel.


Rosemary said…
Aidan read 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2' in a day. He loved it, also look for the personal diary of a Wimpy kid version that you get to write in. P.s. Having back troubles myself I think the shovel is incredibly romantic.
Bibliomama said…
I know! it totally rocks.
I was thinking I could cheap out and just get him a blank notebook -- I mean, ten bucks for a book you're supposed to write in yourself?! :)
alison said…
Nothing wrong with drooling book maniacs. I come from a long line of drooling book maniacs and am trying to pass it down. Hit a homerun with Leah, she's halfway through the Lemony Snicket series and is jonesing bad for the next one (she finished the Austere Academy the night before last). Rae still wants to be read to, but we're working on her reading more on her own.

And if that Ug knew what was good for him, I hope he said he had an antelope he had to club and ran out before his wife could ask him any more loaded questions.

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