Also, I returned some overdue library books!

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I've been feeling a bit constrained by the daily routine lately, so we used this long week-end to shake things up a bit. A very little bit. Friday I took Angus to pick up his first pair of glasses which are so freaking adorable I just want to squish him every time I see them, which is fine with him because he agrees that he looks smashing. Then I took the kids to see Coraline (not too taxing, but I did have to brush my hair and wear a bra, which is how I measure degree of difficulty for most tasks). Then we let Angus sleep over at his friend Jon's house and skip hockey at 6:30 on Saturday morning (well, I did, and accepted the attendant fall-out). Saturday we went out to Smiths Falls to visit the great-grandparents for Valentine's Day and Eve's and Great-Nana's birthdays, and there was much making of merriment and Wii-playing by all ages and little pink cupcakes and musing over the in-laws that drink and the in-laws that don't (or worse, drink only one -- one! It's the loneliest number!) and discussion of politics and bank executives (it was a veritable inter-generational think tank. With scotch).
Sunday we moved crap from one floor to another for a few hours and called it cleaning. Then we went to crash our friends' kid's birthday party with some tequila. This resulted in the mind-blowing synchronicity of some guy in New Brunswick who rents cottages calling at ten o'clock at night and finding the very four families he needed to talk to all drunk in the same kitchen. I had a Finnish friend who once finished off a night of vodka-drinking by booking a ticket on the Trans-Siberian Railway, so this wasn't quite that, but still...

Yesterday we packed up our kids and my parents and went Winterluding - ice sculptures, skating, beaver tails, twinkly lights, non-residents tilting madly and bravely all over the canal. On the way home Angus asked if there was anywhere closer to home where we could get Beaver Tails. My Mom got mad at my Dad for not dressing warm enough. Eve loved the Cinderella's carriage out of ice, but thought we didn't bring enough food and the hot chocolate was too hot. The whole experience renewed my desire to stay at the ice hotel, although        unfortunately it would have to be with someone else's husband...

Today I'm dying to get back to my boring week-day routine. Things have been shaken just enough. The kids hardly got to watch ANY tv for four whole days! One night I was too drunk to read before bed! Time to take the insanity down a notch.
And no, I'm not wearing a bra.


alison said…
I think that having a night every now and then when one is too drunk to read before bed might be a good thing. It shows you have a social life. Otherwise it might show that you are overfond of scotch.

We are hoping to do Winterlude this coming weekend, at least the skating/beavertail part of it.

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