Presented without comment

Tonight as I was driving from the library to pick up Eve from her singing lesson, As It Happens was on CBC and Carol Off was interviewing some guy who has a banana museum. The last part of the interview I heard before I arrived was this:

Carol Off: So what are some things you have your eye on at the moment?

Banana Museum Guy: Well, there are some things on eBay, including an 11-inch brass banana that I'm bidding against some other people on.

Carol Off: How can there be competition for an 11-inch brass banana?

Banana Museum Guy: You'd be surprised.


StephLove said…
Read without comment. (Well, except this meta-type comment, but we won't count that.)
call me nora said…
Oh, so THAT'S who has been bidding against me...
Amber Strocel said…
I'm sure I would be. Surprised, that is.

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