Paranoid much?

Eve: "I'm going to go brush my teeth"

(starts to walk into downstairs powder room)...

"...oh right, there's no toothpaste down here".

Angus: "WHAT BUG?"


Suniverse said…

Oh, my god, that was great. Seriously. I'm still cracking up.

Thank you for that!
Mary Lynn said…
He's never gonna live that down, is he? I know in my family we would be making WHAT BUG? jokes from here till the end of time.
Julie said…
i see you've been hit by the roids spambot. me too. that's why i turned on the moderating option for a while.

poor kid.
Betsy B. Honest said…

Don't buy roids. If anything, they'll add to the paranoia.
Just say no to steroids.

Hee Hee.
Ann said…
You can report the spam blog here and hopefully they'll remove it
He's been spamming my site too.
Ms. G said…
Ha! Did something previously surprise him at a bad time? : )

Roid creep hit me twice. I reported him 3 times and I think he's gone. Steroids weren't the first thing that came to mind when I saw that profile. When he didn't come back again I felt just like Preparation Blogger ; )..yeah I'm corny today...
Patti Murphy said…
I see this being repeated at his wedding reception.

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