Everyone has their game, right?

Angus and Eve just got home from baseball sort-outs. They don't have to try out, because everyone who wants to play gets to play, but they put them through some throwing and hitting trials just to make sure the teams are 'balanced'. As you may remember, Matt decided Eve should take skating lessons this winter, which was a constant source of grief and vituperation. Being the well-organized family we are, we didn't actually realize the last skating lesson was the last skating lesson until it was over. When we told her there was no more skating this year there was much rejoicing. Then Matt told her next year she'd be... playing hockey. She said "that sort of spoils my perfection". Then she said "how can I play hockey? I'm the slowest skater in the whole place! Even the kids who fall down pass me!" This is because the kids who fall down, fall down because they lift up their feet and glide, rather than taking a thousand precise, miniscule steps that mean you probably won't fall, but make crossing the rink an hour-long enterprise.
So she got home from baseball and I asked her how it went and she said....

"I smoked it like a big bowl of fire."
Go Baby go.


Anonymous said…
My kid hated skating, too. She did the same thing - teeny, tiny steps. I was actually surprised at how cautious she was, given her propensity for risking her life on a daily basis.

I love Eve's response about the baseball sort-out. Go Eve!
Anonymous said…
ROFL!!!! I love that kid!

And I love her Mommy for continually blogging in her effortlessly amusing way so that I can remain somehow connected to this crazy little world... and therefore be a little less crazy over here in mine!

-Lynette (see, I TOLD you I was reading! But I'm not joining the club and getting an identity thingy)
CJ said…
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CJ said…
OMG, what a character!! I love it!!
WHERE did she hear that phrase?!? That's a hoot.
Rosemary said…
Re: Eve's comment.
Hilarious! Sounds very Hanna Montana. :)

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